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Chefs In The Classroom 

The Okanagan Chefs Association launched a new initiative entitled ‘Chefs in the Classroom – edible education’ in Spring of 2016.

Modeled after other successful edible education classes all over North America, Chefs in the Classroom is unique in that it is an Okanagan-inspired, hands-on curriculum with links to our Aboriginal community and practices. The highlight of the 6 lesson course is a field trip to a working farm with lunch hosted by our chefs and volunteer teams.


To educate children in our community on how to grow, cook, and eat local fruits and vegetables.


To grow healthy children in our community.


To introduce children to farming and gardening best practices in our community.

To successfully continue to operate an Okanagan-based edible education project.

Engage and inspire children through hands-on and interactive real-life experiences.

The Chefs in the Classroom – edible education program is the trademarked property of the Okanagan Chefs Association.

To learn more about Chefs in the Classroom – edible education go to

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